Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Bath

So Cute!!! The kids loved taking pictures of Brooks first bath

Brooks and Bruce

Bruce loves his brother so much he has been so gental with him and myself. When Dad comes around however he has alot of what I call "BOY energy" and really gives dad a workout.

Kids Will Be Kids

So This is what happens when when mom sleeps in and Dad is gone. My first response might have been "clean this mess up" but then remebered doing the same crazy microwave experements myself when I was a kid. I felt grateful to have shared in a childhood experience that brought back my own childhood memories. As I brought out the camera It was even more fulfilling to see what pride they took in their creations. I am grateful for parents that where either very unaware of the messes we made in the kitchen or very patient I think a little of both.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ashley and freinds trick or treating I can laugh at myself so you can too! this is a home made tutue made from table decorations at our last RS dinner/meeting. Brilliant! I know.

Next door neighbors Caterinia and Carston. Brigham and Carston went trick or treating with scary neighbor (Carstons dad)

scary neighbor

Bruce looking at scary neighbor

Bruce did a little trick or treating with Anna Alyssa and Dad until the girls where fed up with waiting for him at every house. So I got to have a buddy with me to hand out candy. He was so much fun to hang out with for the night. My favorite was the way he wanted to give everyone extra candy and yell good buys "see ya guys!" in what I call -his tough boy voice. Everyone had a good night and the weather was so nice.

My Baby Belly

This is it.... My Belly! With just a little bit more to go!
The whole family is really looking forward to the new arrival. We do not know if it will be a boy or girl but here are a few guesses.
Alyssa- boy, blond, white skin, cute blue eyes, 30lbs
Ashley-boy, dark brown hair, 8lb 6 oz.
Brigham- girl, light brown hair, blue eyes
Anna- boy, red hair, brown eyes, orange skin, 9lbs 10 oz.
Dad- won't quess boy or girl (no fun) dark hair, 9lb. 6 oz.
Mom-girl, redish brown hair, 8lb. 13 oz.

We are looking forward to meeting this new member of our family. What ever it may be. It will surely be very very loved.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slip Slide its Alright!!!

This was a really fun night. We actually started our night with a piano recital at a Rest Home. We played our piano pieces we had been practicing, while the residents ate dinner. This was Brighams first piano Recital I was very proud of them both. I don't know how well the residents could hear the piano from 50 feet away but I know they loved see the kids and getting a Valentine card. Good friends invited us to go ice skating with them. What a great idea. We are so Blessed to have good friends to do fun things with at a moments notice.

No pics of Alyssa Jason and Bruce they would not skate.