Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hello, and Welcome to the Giles Goof Troop Blog

O' I'm so glad to be blogging! I cant believe it! I love reading everyone else's and know I am doing it too! This is the the only picture I could find with everyone in it- it just so happens that this was almost 3 months ago at Grandma Honeys. We are anticipating a visit from Honey this week. We are excited to share our Halloween with her. We are very proud of our Halloween Spirit and decor Brigham gets a big kick out of having the scariest house on the block. Halloween is my favorite Holiday Because 1- It takes a lot less thought than Christmas.
2- kids are so cute in costume.
3-all my decorations fit into 2 Tupperware containers (not 5-6)
4-I love the newness of the cold weather.
5-I love seeing Jack- o-lanterns on my porch
6-fall treats, pies, pumpkin cookies, Krispy Kreams ect.
Write me and tell me if one of these is your favorite too or if you have a different fav.