Saturday, November 17, 2007

Funny Christmas Wish List

It was in the car that we all started to talk about what we wanted for Christmas, Mom and Dad are happy. Ashley isn't really sure. Brigham had a list about 20 items long. And then Alyssa yells from the back seat "I want a new family!" Everyone laughed. I soon realized what she was talking about. She has been very creative with her "family" play since I got rid of her old Barbies. I noticed yesterday she had found a big Superman for a Dad a little one for the Brother a big Dora for a mom and a little one for a sister. I was very amused with her creative play but had no idea she felt this was any less of a good family. or maybe she just needs neighbors and friends to fly off and go visit. Anyway I love the idea of Super Man and Dora together. I am happy to say this little girl will get a Barbie and Ken for Christmas and I know that they will be very loved. As for Anna she didn't get to say because we where still laughing when we got to Costco. She most likely will love anything Alyssa wants so double the barbie order Santa.