Wednesday, November 7, 2007

l love being on time out!

Today was just one of those days. While on my way to piano lessons I somehow got lost for a large part of the lesson (20 min. to be exact) - Now if you want to talk about being directionally challenged please do not respond to this blog - I have no idea what happened and I have been there at least 5 times now. I would like to just claim that it was a pregnancy thing and leave it at that . Well next we realized that there was no music to be found- it was still sitting by the door at home. I sent Ashley in to get what she could out of a 10 min lesson with no books. Well, I thought that at least we have the ducks to feed. There is a cool duck pond behind the house with lots of ducks and geese and I had brought a full bag of stale bread to feed them. Soo.. no one has their coat- how did that happen? I was sure I put Alyssa and Anna's in the car. So we have to wait out in the car during Ashley's lesson as it is just too cold, but Anna needs to go potty. I take her in and she sits on the toilet, jumps off and says, nope! After a very tired coaxing to try it one more time I let her know she has to wait until we get home if she doesn't go. In the car less than 2 min. and Anna is peeing her pants. I get her out just in time to finish peeing on the Millis' (Ashley's piano teacher) driveway. We drove home with a 1/2 naked girl, a borrowed music book, a 10 min lesson and stale bread still in the car. Driving home I am super annoyed when the clock reads an hour later( thanks to daylight savings) and I already feel like this has gone on forever. So dinner's done and Jason comes home singing and happy-this is a disaster waiting to happen. So I beg to be put on time out. Jason only had to take a quick look and knew that this was necessary. I'm sent to time out and soo happy!!! If Jason reads my blog he will know what happened because we didn't talk about it - I was just too tired. If you don't have kids yet don't be afraid as this only happens once or twice a year, maybe more if you are pregnant at the time. This was a killer day!!!