Thursday, December 20, 2007

Doing My Own Thing

wow, I cant believe that Christmas is here. I have had a horrible cough that just wouldn't go away. I guess that is my excuse for where all the time has gone. know that I am done with my latest project, Brigham's home made Christmas present. I feel like Christmas is can finally come to the Giles home. A few weeks ago at the top of his Christmas wish list was army stuff. A little disappointed at what I found at the store. The creative wheels started turning and this is what was made of it. His wish list has changed over the past few weeks but I think he will still love it. P.S. I hope this dose not seem too much like bragging but this is my only true talent. I cant sing, play the piano or even spell all that well.( this is one I'm working on especially with the help of spell check and a wonderful (grammar fanatic) husband. By the way he goes crazy when he reads by blogs and begs me to correct them.
Next year I want to do this for all my kids maybe even Jason. But I will start before Halloween.
buy the way, I am proud to say that the project was less than $8 ,paint and all.