Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm IT!

I've been tagged! I guess that means I need to share 6 interesting things about myself. I have been trying to avoid this like the kid that just keeps running even after he has been tagged multiple times in a game of tag. I guess I can't keep cheating the game. anyway Thanks Laura and Cortney.

1. I use to be a tomboy catching snakes and all, playing in the field and building club houses. I still love the outdoors but could care less if I saw another snake

2. I moved at least 8 times growing up.

3. My husband and I lived four houses away from each other when we got engaged.( I was also 19 and in high school.) cradle robber! 10 yrs latter we can still say It was the best thing we have ever done.

4. I WAS an athlete. In high school I lettered In Basketball, Soccer, Track, Cross Country, and Tennis. Know my best exercise is what I get before I even get to the gym. By getting the kids in the car and off to school.

5. I like to be creative but when it comes to a pattern or project that takes an extended amount of time I get board. I might make a baby quilt in the next few month. This will be a test of my patience.

6. I once was very very shy. But I like to think I am pretty social know. I love Girls night every once in a while. Especially Dinner and Dessert.