Monday, March 3, 2008

whats been going on

Jason had a Birthday March 23rd!! It was also the same day as the school carnival. Something in my brain told me It would be just as easy to make five cakes as it would be to make one so I volunteered to make some cakes for our school cake walk. That was some idea!! and IF I do this again next year ( in the mist of Alyssa's, Jason's, Bruce's and Anna's Birthday. ) I will simplify these cakes drastically. This really took a whole 3 days while I baked on Thursday, decorated 2 cakes Friday and 3 more Saturday morning. While I did feel some sense of pride in my work and accomplishment. The more prominent thought was - What in the heck was I thinking!!!. So what was really important was that Jason had a great Birthday. He was the only winner in our family at the school carnival. He won a cake on the cake walk and won a nice Valley Shirt and hat in the Raffle. He also was given a very nice Sesame Street T-shirt from Zack and Meridith (that he wears every weekend now) I did forget to get a picture of, but will easily be able to get one soon. Zack and Meridith also gave him some "farty" puddy. This has given the family many hours of entertainment. We even made a game of it and kept score. Who knows how those Giles kids will turn out. We played sing star that night and celebrated our 32 yr. old all around fun guy.