Sunday, May 18, 2008

Alyssa Rae smiles and the sun shines too!!!

Alyssa loves to be outdoors. Her favorite things to do are taking the ponies and barbies outside to play and swim out doors.

Ashley is coming the end of the school year, she just had her last cello performance last week, last singing performance with the 4th grade, and is looking forward to all the fun activities that come with the last weeks of school. Ashley is a very responsible kid she is looking forward to reading this summer so her mind won't turn to mush over the summer. She wants to let everyone know that "your child can lose up to 2 months of learning in the summer so call Sylvan Learning Center today!" - you must be 18 yrs. of age or older to call. She is helping me blog by the way and YES we need to cut back on TV again. She knows too many commercials.

Dad says we need to get rid of cable during the summer. Easy for him to say now that basketball is almost over!

This weekend while Jason and Brigham where camping at Fathers and Sons I learned that if I knew how to change a tire I wouldn't have the muscle to do it anyway. The lug nuts where on so tight they where almost impossible for my friends husband to take them off and then we still couldn't get the tire off because it had rusted on the inside. Thank heavens for the big burly guy that came over with his sledge hammer and crow bar after we had worked on this tire for 2 hrs. I love the people of Iowa that can be so helpful and kind. After Thanking them over and over they mentioned the idea to "pay it forward." The funny thing is I heard the very same "pay it forward" from a friend that had done something very kind for me. This reminds me that I am the happiest when I can do something for someone else. Isn't it funny how that works. I cant thank everyone enough for all the little ( and Big) things that have been done for me and my family lately.