Monday, July 21, 2008

"Slippery and Sticky"

There called "Lilly Pads" and they are silicon breast pads for nursing.They are "Slippery" because they have a way of running away from me and "Sticky" because of the funny places we have found them hiding. The fist time they ran away from me I laid them down on the bed while I was feeding Bruce Ashley came and laid down by us. They suctioned to her in the funniest places. As she was walking away I noticed them and got quiet the laugh. Ashley too! The next time I lost one I was so desperate to find it because I felt it might be a hazard to my Bruce if it was lost in one of his blankets. I put out the reward ( the big 1$ bill) for who ever found it. The lilly pad was soon found suctioned to the fridge door. That made me laugh even harder. They are now kept under a very watchful eye. Hopefully the kids interest has peeked and it is now just a boring squishy stick thing they don't care much about any more.