Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coming home from vacation.

Responsibilities are for grown ups. Oh yeah, we are grown ups.

Coming back was quite the drive. Longer than it has ever taken us at 18+ hrs. Poor Jason. We took extra time in Logan with shopping and driving by our old house by the college then went on to bear lake where we got to join a cattle drive 1/2 way there. We stopped again to get raspberry shakes and lunch. So we really didn't get going till after 2pm. The drive back is always harder but I think this time it seemed a little bit more overwhelming to come back to our lives. I think Jason is still very humbled to be Bishop of our ward. I also felt the pressure of jumping right back into things as Ashley and Brigham had a Western Hills (Clegg Park) open house the very day we came into town and the first day of school was the next day. Unfortunately I was so prepared that I had ordered school supplies and then forgot so I also bought school supplies. In Iowa, school supplies are big deal. I could have saved myself a $100. I will have 4 kids in school next week when Alyssa and Anna start preschool. The plan is that Bruce and I will spend some time at the YMCA. I also signed the girls up for Tumble Tots. Ashley is doing Cello and Piano. I told her no! she can not play the clarinet too. Brigham is starting flag football. So it looks like I am saying good bye to lazy summer days and sleeping in. At last we are home and its been a week+ It also feels so good to be home and find a little routine that works. O yeah this is the kids on their first day of school. being silly. Thank goodness they weren't as tired as I felt. One of the things I did when we got home besides sleep and unpack was to make crab apple jelly. Thanks Becky for the great idea. I found a recipe on the Internet and it turned out great.