Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun in Idaho

We had such a great trip. We had a few days alone with Grandma and Grandpa which was really nice. We made chokecherry jelly, made a horse shoe pit, and Grandpa even bought a big swimming pool for all the grand kids. Then the party really started. First Bill and Georgia Hancock and their kids came up for dinner and a good visit. And over the next day or two we added 10 more people to the household. We celebrated our cousin Quentin's baby blessing and had even more family come visit. It was so nice to see everyone. My-oh-my it was beautiful on Grandma and Grandpa's Mountain. I love taking pictures especially by the beautiful waterfall and pond Grandpa built. We didn't need swim suites to enjoy the coolness of the water Even Bruce and I waded in minutes after getting out of the car. Brigham spent the most time of all being out doors, playing in the dirt, four wheeling and swimming in the pond or pool. This kid had always been happiest when he is outdoors.Thanks Matt and Anne Marie for letting me take some pictures of you two you are such a good looking couple and very much in love. Again I love taking pictures and being in such a beautiful place really brings it out in me. I hope you don't mind I posted them. You guys were a big part of our trip and I think they turned out great. Doug Courtney Jessica and Chance we had a great time with you all.