Monday, August 4, 2008

Literaly does not "Waste"

Bruce Just went to his 4 mo. check up where he weighed in at 19 lb. 4 oz and an amazing 28 inches He is a lovable big boy. One concern I had was the way his head was shaped in the back. Doc. Stoll assured me it was a sign of good brain development. So a proud daddy interrupts it as his brain is so big and smart it needs to bulge out the back a little. Humh! It makes me happy just to know its something not to worry about. The other concern I had was that he poops once or twice in a two week period. This can make for extremely overwhelming diaper changes WHEN they do come. But also tells us that his body is absorbing everything it possibly can and uses it for growing. yeah for saving a few baby wipes. boo! it usually demolishes a baby outfit once or twice a mo. One more thing- yeah Bruce you have two teeth! good work buddy!