Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is really Gross

You can thank me latter for posting without pictures. I want to say, Alyssa is so cute when she is sick. Almost hyped up by the attention or new experience. While reading to the girls. Alyssa jumps up and says O' WOW!! with a smile. She really has no idea what just happened. Latter she describes them as "poop squirts". I sent her up to change her pants time after time. She still dose not seem to mind. She says "we really should buy gold underwear". O course we know why. What a thoughtful little girl. Her enthusiasm dose not end. Latter that day she comes to me and says "Hey mom I have to show you something!" A walk up stairs and I realize I should be paying way more attention to this happy but very sick little girl. This is were you get to picture it yourself. Poop and throw up twice on the carpet, three times on the bathroom floor, sink, bathtub, and once (maybe) in the toilet. Not to mention Carter helping with clean up. Still Alyssa is happy, apologetic and very sweet. She follows me down stairs and watches me put all the laundry in the wash. "Mom!! You are such a good Mother!!! " Thanks Alyssa!"- she know feels more comfortable watching tv with a bowl to sit in. (her idea) I know I'm gross but cant help blogging about it.

Later that day: did you make it? Yes, and I'm staying here all day!

poor Alyssa, It is Thursday! so I guess we do get to do what ever we want. Staying home sounds nice.

Even later that day: Anna's got it too!