Monday, October 12, 2009

Ms. Know it All- Not Really

Brigham found this cicada coming out of its exoskeleton one night I'm taking a little class called the Master Gardener's class out of a Iowa State Extension center. My Sweet Husband thought I would like to do this. First Because he knows I love gardening and Second he wanted me to have some time away from home. Now that the books have been thrown in my direction I think I am so smart and come every Tuesday night telling him every thing we need to do with our lawn, garden, punning, disease prevention, rodent control. ect ect. All these thing just take time and we definitely don't feel like we have that. Some day I will have the time I need and will be glad I started my learning know. However I will find the time to kill grubs this spring. This is a "annual" cicada we still have 5 more yrs till the "17 yr. cicadas" come up from under the ground. This class has been a lot of fun. Absorbing as much info As I can