Monday, October 29, 2007

Its a baby ...?

Today we took the whole family to the ultra sound of our 5th baby. I wanted to prepare Brigham to be happy if it was a Boy or Girl. I even let him know I had a sucker in my purse if it happened to be a girl to help with the disapointment. That was not the best Idea- first the other kids over heard this talk and Ashley Piped up "Then can I have it if its a Boy" and then Alyssa wanted it so the the two older kids apeased her with "You can have it if its a Goy" She was so pleased she was in on it. So finally it's our turn is up. Inside the ultra sound room Alyssa is begging for a Goy! The ultrasound tech just laughs. We take some time to be amazed at our little a baby. Everything looks good. She finally anounces that its a Boy! We all look to Brigham thinking we will see a huge smile and he is crying - he wants the sucker I guess the sucker was a bad idea. But It sure made for a fun day and great memories. We decided later that the baby could have the sucker. To the kids this means we will save it for a yr.+ To mom it means letting the baby have a little taste know and getting rid of the stress of having just one tootsie pop in your purse.