Monday, January 28, 2008

The little Musician

Ashely is taking cello lessons at school and seems to really like it. At the concert all the kids had their songs memorized. I was so impressed we really have a good program going for us at the school the orchestra teacher is so good with the kids and plays the cello herself so it seems the 3 cellist at western hills really lucked out. she also teaches the violins and bass at Western hills. There was at least 150 kids when they combined the 4 schools and they actually sounded really good. Notice Ashely has the smallest cello Its a 1/2 size. I have faith she wont always be one of the smallest kids in her grade. I'm actually glad she did not follow my own growth pattern or she would already be 5'8 and very awkward. If you ask me she's just darn cute!