Monday, January 28, 2008

Soo tired

I feel so tired lately and still have 2 mo. to go. I'm really trying to stay positive and not feel guilty for lacking the desire to do a lot for the kids. So If I may, I'm trying to make myself better. My kids are more independent than ever. Ashley has learned to serve her bother and sisters with such compassion. Brigham is even following in her foot steps. Alyssa and Anna are learning Spanish from "Dora" and all their letters and sounds from "Leap Frog". I have even found a new love for Quilting if you read earlier You would know I had my doubts about the whole project of making baby Bruce a baby quilt. I finished it with such pride and a sense of accomplishment I went crazy and bought material to make all the kids a blanket. I am just finishing Anna's and then I will post pictures. This makes me feel good to be giving them something while I sit and enjoy this project. This also seems important to past the time in the middle of winter. I am really looking forward to more sunshine. In the coming mo. So Besides from feeling and looking like this should be the end of the pregnancy. I still have some time. And I need to practice patience with myself and the calender. At least this is everything I need to tell myself.