Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Bruce is here!!!

Just a few pictures of our little Bruce. If you haven't already heard he was born at a whopping 10.1 oz. Just perfect for all the little helpers to handle a little easier. Anna especially loves to hold him but only for a few minutes when she always says the same thing " He's too heavy!!" and is done holding baby Bruce for the time being. We have dad home from work this week and that has been lots of help. We will pray for good weather for now while mom tries to get back to 100% It makes such a difference in everyones mood when we can get out and see sun shine. Brigham ironically came down with strep throat the day we came home from the hospital but is doing well know. We are looking forward to Grandma Honeys visit. We feel so blessed with all the friends and family around that have helped out while we have come home or have been in the hospital. We are also so grateful for our healthy baby Bruce. We love him so much! It seems more and more every day.