Monday, March 3, 2008

Great Job Ashley!! / Its Spring!!

Ashley has been practicing for "Festival" , a piano competition for 2 mo. now. She did so well she was really nervous but from what I can tell she played both songs perfectly. Unfortunately Dad was unable to hear her wonderful performance. Dad had to stay out in the hall with Anna since she was still so mad from getting her hair done that morning. She cried for a hour straight. The funny thing that we can remember is that Dad and Anna where asked to leave the building or in other words "kicked out!" - This was the price we will pay for doing our daughters hair. Ashley received the highest award for the competition. Great Job Ashley! We decided to celebrate by going to see the movie "Spider Wick Chronicles" Dad and the kids have been reading the books at night. It sounded like a great idea. I was well aware that it was my turn, if the girls needed to go out during the movie. Luckily for me they where scared to death the entire movie and did not budge from there seats - it was a very intense and successful movie outing. Even though they really enjoyed this movie I cant say I would recommend it to young kids.


That day was so fun we really lived it up We went out to lunch with spring like temperatures. The next day while all the snow had melted I woke up and shaved my legs and wore sandals to church this really didn't seem so ridiculous at the time. until it snowed 6 inches that night. So we're back to winter. Again. I'm still glad to announce that it is March!!! This means we should be able to meet this little man (our baby) Bruce in the next 4 weeks or so. Yesterday I cried happy tears in church I am so happy to have a family. And as you can tell the happy feelings of 1 or 2 days of spring have really taken over.

sorry this blog was so long ( and a little sappy) I just haven't been consistent with blogging I will spend the next couple a weeks catching up on all of your blogs I hope no one feels neglected I love reading about all of the things going on in your life.