Monday, December 15, 2008

Life's busy!!!

I am making another attempt to be a blogger. Every time I get on, I am first disgusted with how long it has been since I blogged and second I wish I knew how to make my blogs cuter. Computers really drive me crazy. (If anyone wants to help me figure this out I would be so grateful I would even make them a meal to show my gratitude and amazement for this skill.) So much has happened the past few months I think I will summarize

The Harvest

The uncontrollable plant in my garden really was a pumpkin plant despite all the many unbelievers. We had at least 10 small pumpkins.

The kids had a great Halloween. Zombie, Mountain Man, Butterfly, Ladybug, and Frog. Thank you Sharon P for introducing me to the best Apple Cider ever.

The house is under construction! New carpet and a small house fire the same day!!

Great job Jason and Zack on the crown molding and wanescoating!!

The heirloom tomatoes were beautiful, but somehow the black and purple tomatoes never really reached the taste buds.

Thanksgiving was so nice to have Doug and Courtney over for dinner (along with some other dear friends). They will not be here next year. They will be graduating and living somewhere in west. We have really been blessed to have them here for the past few years.

My mom and dad came for a surprise visit a few days after thanks giving. ( They love ME) Unfortunately they were called with bad news. My mom's mom (my grandma) had a stroke. We rushed my mom back on a plane and at the last minute I decided to get in the car with my dad. I packed pretty good for a 15 min job. Unfortunately, not all the bags made it to the car as we left behind the one with diapers and all of Bruce's clothes. Thanks to my sister Tenille and sister-in-law Autumn we survived that mishap.

My Grandma passed away. I was able to be there with my mom and then I knew I was where I wanted to be. I missed and worried about Brigham, Ashley and Jason very much and felt so blessed to hear that about all of the friends in Iowa that were showing so much love to my family.

Grandma will be missed. She was so full of love. She loved everyone. That is what I will miss the most. She was such an amazing woman. I am happy to think of her with her family in the Eternities. I am so glad that I know she is with her Heavenly Father, brothers and sisters. She had such a great life and so many that loved her.

Everyone in Utah gets the stomach flu ( except Tenille and I) and I'm scared I'm next. Scared to get on my 28 hr. ride home.

The train was and adventure (and no one got sick). I won't do it again until the kids are older, but still would love to do it again someday. I would especially love to ride the train with my sweetheart some day.

Grandpa Giles is here visiting the new Giles baby!! 10.11oz Preston James. Great job Courtney!! That is quite the baby. I can't wait to see this newborn that is the size of a 3mo. old.

Jason has the stomach flu. He says I brought it home from Utah.

We have our tree up.

We relaxed by the fire and watched Christmas movies. This is the first Christmas moment with the whole family. Dec.14th

I want to leave the tree up for at least 3 more weeks.