Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthdays Galore

Its been an exciting time around her we love Birthdays in the spring!!! So much that we have attempted to make everyone in our families Birthday be between the months of Feb- May. (sarcasm) hee hee! It goes like this, if I remember right Alyssa's Feb. 11th, Jason's Feb. 23rd, Brigham's March 4th, Bruces March 24th and finally Anna's May 23rd. Ok maybe your still not that impressed But I sure do feel like it is alot of cake baking. Ashley however dose not feel this do be such a big deal and seems to always convince me the the school carnival needs more cakes for the cake walk witch seems to always be the last week of febuary. O boy am I crazy! but sure I would love to make 7 cakes for the cake walk. Ashley you sure better help me or all go crazy!! Well enough about cake! Something to mention Jason and I no longer like cake. Or we will pretend for another couple of weeks. We are trying the Atkins diet and (I) am really loving it for the short time we will be doing it, later we will be much more aware of how much of what we are putting into are bodies. Notice I put parentheses around (i) Jason dose not feel that great energy boost I have felt. And is almost crying every night for girl scout cookies. I do have to say - "Really bad timing on the GS cookies!" I hope all my friend are happy and healthy out there in the blogging world. I will be looking around to see whats going on in your lives. If anyone has any high protein dinner ideas I would love to hear them.