Thursday, December 31, 2009

Homemade Gifts -Christmas Eve Night

A new Christmas tradition is born~
Alyssa gave Ashley a homemade Christmas table cloth with all of our family's hand prints. Anna gave Kenna pot holders to match her apron we gave her for Christmas.

Bruce was just as happy when he got to put his hand and feet in paint to make Anna's " BRUCE THE MOOSE LOVES ME! " shirt - you might be wondering... no he is not happy in this picture.
We had so much fun making homemade gifts this year we sent cookbooks and aprons to family. These cute girls loved them so I decided they needed there own aprons too.

Brig was so excited to make this for his dad. Ashley and I Brainstormed with him on what to make. But in the end this was all his idea. He was very proud.

Ashleys gift was incredible!! Unlike everyone Else she started preparing her home made gift the day we drew names (in October). She worked many hours on this " Easton the Builder" book. It was the cutest story, complete with family pictures in place of the characters in the story.

Yeah! the best gift of all - He did it! Jason had drawn my name and immediately tried to get out of it not because he is not madly in love with me and wanted to spoil me rotten for Christmas. I was just not so sure how much he liked the idea of homemade gifts. He was very sneaky and lead me to believe even on Christmas eve day he had still not made a gift. I was so happy with the calender and weekly planner( complete with family and friends Birthdays). I cant believe he found the time for such a project in this busy month. Boy I sure am lucky to be loved so much.

Tenille gave Alyssa a very cute hat, glove, and scarf set along with Kennas matching snow suit and coat. Alyssa loves her new gear. Ashley reports that Alyssa lay in bed that special Christmas Eve night in ah of how well Tenille can knit. No one has the heart tell her Tenille ran out of the " Homemade making" time. It was such a nice gift and so thoughtful.

Brig really wanted one too! Brigham loves to cook with me. We decided one night his specialty is breakfast foods since Ashley has the desserts and pastries covered.
Yeah! I can see it soon, the day they all have their own dinner night.
now if only I can convince them how much fun dishes are.