Friday, January 29, 2010

Forever Flu

I've had enough! last night when yet another one of the kids got sick with the stomach flu I gripped -with alot of emotion. " I hate the flu!!!" I don't think we have ever had it this bad. last night it didn't seem like I could take anymore. So someone must have been listening because I am obviously blogging about it and not catching throw up. It dose look like we are at the tail end of things now and things are looking brighter. Some funny things I would like to remember besides how tired and gross we all where.

#1 Every time Anna threw up she would say- and it never lost its cuteness even 5 or 6 times " That's! the grosses thing ever!!-This just made me giggle inside instead of cry out loud

#2 I would like to remember how sweet Jason was to the kids. After the 3rd or 4th wake up I really didn't hear the the kids get up. Usually I hear everything and Jason hears nothing. I am so glad he didn't give me the gentle nudge "Its your turn" that I have so often given to him.

#3 Ashley's throw up loosened her tooth so it came out easily but then threw up blood from swallowing so much blood.

#4 Alyssa and myself where the only ones not to get sick. ( crossing our fingers) Moms cant get sick right?

#5 Ashley cried to me " why did you ever have kids??" I was surprised I thought it was because she felt sorry for me and all the clean up I have been doing. I told her " I love taking care of my

kids even when there sick" But what she was really referring to is the many times she has seen me nauseous in pregnancy. I am glad she has this new found appreciation for me. I told her I was still glad to do it even thought she was the one that made me the sickest.

#6 Jason still insists that he just had food poisoning for 2 days (he's not a doctor nor dose he face the facts when the rest of the family catches the "food poisoning"

#7 My sister and both her kids get it. She's mad because She still remembers the time. Alyssa Anna Bruce and I visit SLC and every one gets sick but me. ( Boy! I'm askin for it aren't I)

#8 How cute the kids look in there footie Pajamas. This makes me wonder how many time will I get to see all my kids on normal school day at home. I will cherish this moment. I am glad they are home with me.

#9 Before finishing this blog post - Alyssa threw up ( in a crowded quilting store) they did say "we'll call you !" so as to not make us stop in again looking for the fabric.