Thursday, December 3, 2009


ARRRR!!! You sure are a cute one.

Brigham and Tenille showing their team spirit- cute kids!

Alyssa wanted to take all the baby pumpkins she could find. Who knows how many she was able to stash away in her pockets.

Anna had to find just the right one. One will do for Anna. Boy was it a cute one.

Bruce was so happy with all the orange "Balls" He thought he was in heaven. Bruce's favorite word is ball. You would be surprised at all the different kinds of balls there are.

Anna's joke for trick or treating- Why did the care bear cross the road? to get some candy!! She was so cute in her little Grumpy Bear costume. She especially loved her joke.

wow! does this costume say it all!!! That Alyssa sure can be the sweetest girl in the world. ( When she wants to be.)