Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trip to Lake Charles, Louisiana

This was such a fun time for Jason and I too spend together. Jason surprised me on our 12th anniversary with plane tickets and hotel stay in Kansas city.- Actually he had told me a little earlier while under the effects of anastesia. Which reminds me. I have the sweetest husband. He was so happy to tell me while at the same time I could tell he was mad at himself for letting out his secret. I anxiously waited for our anniversary to come and he followed through on his promises. I just had to wait a few more weeks. Jason made all the arrangements including help with the kids. My only regret was when I realized Ann Marie was only 2 weeks from her due date. ( baby pic. soon to follow) Ann Marie took Bruce and Anna for the 4 days and was so happy and willing to help out. But boy! did I feel like a jerk. Tenille took great care of Ashley, Brigham and Alyssa and all was well when we got home.

I loved loved loved the swamp!!! I will definitely take my kids there someday. Hopefully we can get the same tour guide. He was so great! He knew everything about the swamp, the names of all the plants, trees, animals he even told us how to cook up some good eat'n - Squirrel stew, turtle, rib-eye with wings (don't get caught with one of them. they're illegal!)

This is my handsome brother Justin I love love love him too!!!

taking pictures here was so much fun I could have taken pictures all day. We got so close to some alligators we could have touched them. The weather was perfect.

This is really the reason we went. Clayton is the sweetest little boy! He is so long for his age. He is going to be tall like his daddy.

This is a very passive alligator. Turtles were practically climbing in his mouth. I guess he just wasn't hungry.
On Sunday we went for a ride to the Gulf Coast (which I can't say that I loved because it would be obnoxious...but I loved it). It was one of my favorite things that we did that trip. The kids will definitely be going there someday.We also stopped at a park or walking trail along the side of the road. Justin had been there before so had planned to bring raw chicken to feed the alligators. So here we are walking around a swamp/trail with raw chicken in our hands. My brother has always had great judgment (still does), so I trusted him. Not to say that I was scared to death and made Jason walk in between me and the tall grasses. (that also had alligator trails/ paths in them.) We walked around the two mile walking trail and then found this one a couple yards from our car.
The food was amazing enough said.

Thanks to Justin Stephanie and all those that helped out we had such a great time.